The SYNC Project

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The SYNC Project

ViiA has set up a project for and by young status holders and young people in Amsterdam East. The aim of the project is to ensure that a. young refugees and young Amsterdammers get in contact, b. they will explore the city of Amsterdam together and c. simply will do more fun things together. A lot of refugees just got their Dutch passports and got their own house, which is fantastic! However,  starting for this group of young people. They are going to build a new life in their new city. And what do you need for that? A network of friends and experts of the city and culture.


The aim of the project is on the one hand to bring young refugees into contact with their young fellow citizens and to strengthen their position in Dutch society, specifically the city of Amsterdam.
On the other hand, the goal is to stimulate mutual support among young people and to show that volunteering is fun and gives a lot of satisfaction.


This project is made possible by Oranje Fonds and VSB Fonds




We work together with, among others, the Academy of the City.

A project team of nearly and / or recent graduates will conduct research in advance into the needs of young status holders and young people.


Do you have questions or are you interested in the project? Then contact Ilona Hol (project manager) via /06-25498168 of 020-495 22 50


If two things are in sync, they reach the same or related stage at the same time.